Lila: Broken but Free

Lila: Broken but Free

I couldn’t have screamed even if I wanted to. My hands were bound behind my back, a gag stuffed in my mouth, and a switch-knife that he brandished happily swung way too close to my eyes. I flinched back to avoid that same knife ending up in my eyes but he only came closer.

I felt the fear wetting my pants; the sudden chills shaking me as hard as a house being tossed by a hurricane but I know what any sudden movements will cost me. Continue reading


Memoirs Of An African Woman

Memoirs Of An African Woman

I am an African woman. Is it because I was born in Africa or is it because of the color of my skin?

Pray, do tell me what makes me an African woman. Is it my springy kinky hair that just won’t grow as long as I would want it to or is it because of my rather large behind?  Maybe I am an African woman because of my knack to cook large meals that could feed nations or perhaps the idea that I can scrub and clean all day and still look after a dozen children? Oh, and lest I forget, I could most probably be an African woman because my husband is yet to “officially” marry me because he cannot afford to raise my bride-price as per tradition.

My mind wanders to my unfulfilled dreams. Do they make me an African woman or am I an African woman because I am only alive in my dreams? I know what I want but cannot do because I should not. I would bring shame to my people. I am an African woman. Continue reading

The Lie Called Love

The Lie Called Love


This is me baring my heart to you for the last time. This email about the lie I lived with you is just for closure and my peace of mind.

You used to be everything to me. I couldn’t imagine spending what’s left of my life with anyone else but if pigs had wings…but then they don’t.

The lie I lived was believing you actually care about me. It was feeling that I wasn’t just one of your conquests but your one true love.

The lie I lived was in hoping that I mattered to you; that you couldn’t live or breathe without me. Continue reading

5 Types Of Guys You Should NEVER Date (So Run!)

5 Types Of Guys You Should NEVER Date (So Run!)

It doesn’t matter if their father is Dangote or Mike Adenuga, or if they’re super-hot and got like a gazillion naira in their bank accounts, if a man doesn’t treat you right, don’t ever date him.

We get that it’s tough out there in the dating world and that it can be tempting at times to settle for less than you want simply because you don’t want to be alone. You feel it’s nice to tell people that you’re in a relationship when others are boasting of how amazing their love lives are.

But guess what? That joy you’re feeling right now is temporary especially when you know in your heart of hearts that that guy is not totally ‘it’ for you. Truth is you need someone more substantial than a ‘boyfriend’; you need someone you can spend forever with without the fear of breaking up in a week or two. There are definitely guys you’ll meet on your search for the perfect guy that you’ll have to say a resounding NO to over and over again.

So, to help you in that search, here are 5 types of guys you should never date.

P.S: Run as quickly as you can from them if possible. Continue reading

It’s my birthday…counting my blessings instead of sheep

Omachona Eguda

OK. So, it’s my birthday today. I’m 25 years old and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. While I’m grateful and so glad that I’m alive, sound and whole,  I can’t help but think that there are so many milestones I should have achieved by now. I’ve been a bit depressed for a while; maybe because I know I should have gone farther in life.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to count my blessings instead of sheep. I’ve decided to be totally grateful to God for the gift of life, my family, friends, and even the stuff I have. I may not have gotten to the place I want to be but God consistently gives me assurance of a brighter and better future.

I’ve been sick, involved in stuff I shouldn’t have been, been on so many medications that they made me gain weight, was not at work for almost a month because I was sick but here I am today. But I choose to count my blessings instead of sheep. I refuse to look and think back on the things that have happened to me. Instead, I choose to think that what I HAVE IS A PRIVILEGE. Continue reading

Love again like your past no longer matters


I know how hard it can be to get over heartbreak and betrayal. I know how it is that you love someone with all your heart and soul and then you find that that person has been cheating on you, talking bad about you behind your back, or even lying that you’re not in a relationship with him or her.

It hurts. It hurts real bad but you need to let go and focus on your present and your future. You need to love now like your past no longer matters. You need to love like you’ve gotten over the hurt, the pain, and the heartache. Continue reading

Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate: Episodes 401- 402


Tanu is thinking she will win in the dance competition. just then she sees Nikhil standing and is shocked to find him in the house. Vijay acts during the rehearsals. Raj says he is really wonderful, and asks him about the arrangements. Vijay informs Raj that he is ready to attack and asks him to keep the amount ready. Raj asks him to complete the work and not leave any proof. Vijay cuts the apple with a sword. Raj asks why did he take up Ravan’s role. Vijay says he will end Sita in kalyug. Raj thinks to arrange the money. On the other hand, Tanu gets worried noticing Nikhil in the house and asks him as to why did he come there and asks not to meet her in the house. Nikhil compliments her beauty and says her dress is suiting her. He asks if she plan to dance…

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