Amaka’s Trials…


Amaka had never known love. All she had always known was abuse, physical, psychological and mental; she had been told she was worthless all her life. Little difference did it make that after class 3, she ran away from home; nobody bothered to file a missing person’s report or look for her. She had been of no importance to anyone. Amaka ended up on the streets, a whore, a junkie and someone who was repeatedly beaten by her ‘customers’.
By the time she was 16, Amaka had aborted six babies, been treated locally for several Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs) that she didn’t even know their etymologies and symptoms. It got so bad that Amaka couldn’t even walk for a long while and her “madam” decided she was of no use to her anymore. She was thrown out and had to search for food on her own, going through other people’s refuse to see if there was anything edible to eat. Amaka looked worse and felt worse than a beggar. she cried herself to sleep every night under the bridges of Lagos even as she was raped almost every night by her fellow under bridge mates.
A woman and her friends came one day to preach the Gospel to those under bridge dwellers; fed them, clothed them and brought other necessities. One of the woman’s friends took an interest in Amaka and convinced her to come home with her. Amaka followed her, after two weeks of repeated “Amaka, you dey better than this, you no fit live here like this na, na fine girl you be”.
Today, with the help of that woman and her friends, Amaka is a graduate, currently running a masters’ programme outside the country. She still remembers her past, but has chosen not to let it dominate her. Amaka is showing herself to be a good example of picking yourself back up after you’ve been trashed in the mud. Amaka is a woman…who has taken up the baton and is helping girls who have been abused and tortured mentally like her. What are you doing?


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