My father made it big, received several entrepreneurship awards in and outside the country. Everyone knew Mr Amaechi, even had pet names for him like “the jaguar”, “the money man”…and so on like that. He never let it get to his head because he never wanted to make the same mistakes his parents had made with him and his siblings- dying without securing their futures.

“Desmond, when are you coming back to the office?” My father had asked on several occasions. And my uncle always smiled and said “When the time is right”. I never understood what he meant, my parents never did too. We just assumed he needed a break. A break that was quite a break.

My mother had another child when I was ten. She and my father had been trying so it truly was a wonderful event. I was happy I now had a younger brother to play with and care for like I did my dolls. My brother was a gift. A gift I will always be grateful for even if we only had a short time together. He was always happy, even when everyone else wasn’t. Well, what else could you expect from a child?
We were very happy. Daddy would make time for all of us so we could have a family day; no matter how busy his week had been; my mother always cooked and I would always help. Those were happy times.
Until the accident…

We were on our way back from church. Daddy had decided to drive, like he always did on Sundays, nothing had seemed wrong with the car when we left for church. But on our way back from church, things went haywire. We had been singing along with the radio. My dad had had a thing for old gospel and blues and he passed that love to us. The road had been quite traffic free but the oncoming trailer had probably forgotten that that particular road was one way. I was fifteen, and I knew that.

Daddy tried stopping the car and letting the truck pass but the brakes would not work. Not even the wheel worked. And the road was narrow. My mom kept praying, my brother began to cry as if he knew something was wrong. My father, even in shock, kept pressing the horn of the car, it was out of commission, he looked at me and my brother in the frontal mirror with tears in his eyes, looked at his wife, left the wheel of the car and hugged her. The last thing I heard was “I’m sorry” and then there was blankness…