Chronicles Of An Introvert

So, this is me telling the world how much of an introvert I am. I hope you find it an interesting read. LOL.

Ever felt like you are in one really tight and tiny corner in a large box filled with people? Ever felt you were being suffocated by so many social expectations that you want to scream? Well, welcome to the club. I’ve been there. I still feel like I’m there once in a while. But I’ve learnt to just be an introvert outside the box. Being quiet in a world that sees noise as living or communicating can be quite frustrating at times. The times you prefer to be alone, someone walks up to you and says “so you prefer to be a loner and not participate?” Duh.

It’s not like I’m incapable of communicating or of playing or any other thing that most people feel makes you a…participator. I love being alone, I love the quiet and serenity. It makes me hear myself think.

It makes me an introvert but…

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Love Gone Done Me Wrong

Here’s a dark story from me to us…

Could it get any worse? Was there any possible way for it to get really worse than it already was? I didn’t think so but it did. I had labored and strove to get to this point. To be the best in everything. To become famous.

But love broke me. Love made me weak. Love…now makes me hate. I hate Lira but I love her too. She’s the reason I’m in this hellhole that used to be my life.

I can see their thoughts. I can hear their thoughts. I can read their lips. All these people that used to flock around me like bees to honey. They all think I deserve this. They all think I deserve to be broken like this.

Who would have thought that I’d become played like this. I, the best soufflé chef in the world. I, the chef that won more than 10 awards…

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My Run-In With Infidelity: A Short Story

Within the 3 weeks that Adam was gone, which was about 3 months to our wedding, Gary became a friend in need and in deed. I didn’t know that I had veered from the “just friends” territory into uncharted waters. I invited Gary over for dinner several times. We went to the movies and the beach.


Between Women, Therapies, And Insecurities by arthur richards imhoagene

Women have wahala! Hold on. Before you scream sexist and call me a chauvinist (since you’re now a feminist wannabe), I believe I deserve a fair hearing (or reading in this context). I once heard a fat, or to be politically correct, plus-sized lady complain about ladies who are under pressure to lose some weight, saying that they should learn to love themselves. Few days ago, she signed up for a gym class. As it turned out, she met one fine “bobo” who hinted that he liked slim girls. Don’t worry sister. No pressure, just discretion.

My Grandmother once told my mum that it is in the nature of an African Woman to be fat. That was when she was giving my older sister some tips on how to get back in shape after her second child. Whether that is true or not is a matter for another day. However…

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