Between Women, Therapies, And Insecurities by arthur richards imhoagene


Women have wahala! Hold on. Before you scream sexist and call me a chauvinist (since you’re now a feminist wannabe), I believe I deserve a fair hearing (or reading in this context). I once heard a fat, or to be politically correct, plus-sized lady complain about ladies who are under pressure to lose some weight, saying that they should learn to love themselves. Few days ago, she signed up for a gym class. As it turned out, she met one fine “bobo” who hinted that he liked slim girls. Don’t worry sister. No pressure, just discretion.

My Grandmother once told my mum that it is in the nature of an African Woman to be fat. That was when she was giving my older sister some tips on how to get back in shape after her second child. Whether that is true or not is a matter for another day. However…

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