Love Gone Done Me Wrong


Here’s a dark story from me to us…

Could it get any worse? Was there any possible way for it to get really worse than it already was? I didn’t think so but it did. I had labored and strove to get to this point. To be the best in everything. To become famous.

But love broke me. Love made me weak. Love…now makes me hate. I hate Lira but I love her too. She’s the reason I’m in this hellhole that used to be my life.

I can see their thoughts. I can hear their thoughts. I can read their lips. All these people that used to flock around me like bees to honey. They all think I deserve this. They all think I deserve to be broken like this.

Who would have thought that I’d become played like this. I, the best soufflé chef in the world. I, the chef that won more than 10 awards…

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