A Girl’s Guide To Getting Over Heartbreak


Experiencing heartbreak is something we all don’t want to experience, after all the promises, the unending love and the emotions. It kinda sucks real bad when things don'[t work out the way we want them to but that’s just life. We meet shitty people who treat us in shitty ways and get away with it. And then we’re left to pick up the pieces and to rebuild all that’s been trampled upon, smashed and broken into pieces. Heartbreak is a very strong feeling of sadness, disappointment, emotional pain or suffering. It’s an intense feeling of betrayal.

Heartbreak leaves you in a state of confusion, depression and total isolation. When you are heartbroken, you desire time to be alone, or you seek revenge. Your heart and soul keep wondering how you are going to heal. Yeah…I’ve been there. I know how it is. But guess what? Heartbreak can be gotten over…

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