Caged: Ene’s Life Story (3)


My father, even in shock, kept pressing the horn of the car, it was out of commission. He looked at me and my brother in the frontal mirror with tears in his eyes, looked at his wife, left the wheel of the car and hugged her. The last thing I heard was “I’m sorry” and then there was blankness…

The next time I woke up was three days later in a hospital. With more than half of my body wrapped in a cast. I couldn’t speak or move but my uncle and his drinking partners were there. My uncle held the only finger on my left hand that still had feeling. He said, sympathetically-

“Ene, you have only me now. Your father, mother, and brother are no more”.

My heart started beating so fast that I went into shock. The doctor and nurses, whose faces I didn’t know, came rushing…

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