Everyone makes mistakes…but you should avoid these 5 while dating


There are some mistakes that we get into and we find it easy to move on, there are some mistakes that actually gets one into guilt and feeling of displeasure and some of the mistakes are due to youthful exuberance, wrong relationships, upbringing and self-will. Often times, these mistakes have long lasting effects on our future plans and steps.

Listed below are some of those obvious mistakes and how to actually avoid them.

1. Dating for the wrong reasons

This is one of the usual mistakes singles actually make and some fall into it on purpose, some people date just for the sake of it, for security, for financial stability, to avoid pressures from friends, families. Some date because they don’t want to be left out, everyone has a partner, so why shouldn’t I? some just want casual friendship, someone to help them meet certain needs. The moment the purpose…

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