The Perfect Heartbreak: Eric



I have everything all planned out. The scene, the lights, romantic table for two and the perfect 6-course meal. Sherryl loves expensive things…especially expensive food. At first it was weird that she could eat so much and still be so slim. But she said she had a fast metabolism. Still, that shouldn’t mean that I have to spend 45% of my salary every month ‘maintaining’ Sherryl’s standards. Trust me, I’ve done the calculations.

It doesn’t matter. Tonight is the night. I have the perfect breakup plan. I hope this finally works. Maybe I should just let you judge this matter fairly. I’m always open to suggestions from people.

But, before I continue my story, there are several fun facts you should know about Sherryl;

a. Sherryl has a crazy temper and demonic mood swings. Yes, I call them demonic because I still can’t understand how someone can be extremely…

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