The Proposal…


They settled into the comfy leather chairs and adjusted their sights to the huge screen before them. Arms interlocked, Jess and Bernard were the picture of the perfect couple who had come to enjoy a nice movie at the cinema. They were seated on the topmost row. To Bernard’s right, Jess’ childhood best friend, Paul, sat silently, enjoying the movie. He had just returned from the UK and when Jess suggested that he followed them to the cinema, Bernard had no objections. He would do anything for her. He loved her that much.

Midway into the movie, the screen suddenly went blank and the hall was shrouded in darkness. Then John Legend’s All Of Me began to seep out of the speakers. The screen lit up and pictures of Jess began to slide in and out of view. As the beautiful pictures, with sweet messages attached, danced across the face…

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