Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate: Episodes 401- 402


Tanu is thinking she will win in the dance competition. just then she sees Nikhil standing and is shocked to find him in the house. Vijay acts during the rehearsals. Raj says he is really wonderful, and asks him about the arrangements. Vijay informs Raj that he is ready to attack and asks him to keep the amount ready. Raj asks him to complete the work and not leave any proof. Vijay cuts the apple with a sword. Raj asks why did he take up Ravan’s role. Vijay says he will end Sita in kalyug. Raj thinks to arrange the money. On the other hand, Tanu gets worried noticing Nikhil in the house and asks him as to why did he come there and asks not to meet her in the house. Nikhil compliments her beauty and says her dress is suiting her. He asks if she plan to dance…

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